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I work and play as a programmer, open source consultant & trainer. Here I share some of the odds & ends I discover along the way.

Nuxt3 Matomo Integration

Trying to integrate the Matomo Plugin for Nuxt failed for me. Instead I'm using this alternative method to integrate Matomo into the Nuxt3.

Fix Delete Desktop button in Overview Effect

KDE/Plasma has a great Desktop Effect called "Overview". Besides showing the windows of the current virtual desktop it shows a list of all the other virtual desktops. To delete the desktop all that's needed is a click of the delete button. In this article you learn how to avoid accidental deletion by making the button respond only to double clicks.

Signal Messenger - A cure for WhatsApp?

Signal is an easy to use, privacy first alternative to WhatsApp. Can it cure the world of the WhatsApp Virus?

Mac OS Hacks for Power Users

Mac OS has many hidden powers that allow you to make it more suitable for you as a power user. In this article you will learn how to disable annoying features, add powerful tools and speed up your workflow.

Macbook & Linux - disable nvidia gpu

Force a Macbook pro running Linux to enable it's Intel GPU and optionally disable the discreet nvidia GPU.

SimpleSAMLphp installation on Ubuntu 18.04

Installation of SimpleSAMLphp in Ubuntu Linux 18.04 for testing purposes.

Fix - Thunderbird 78 doesn't download any messages

Thunderbird 78 disabled some older TLS standards by default. Read this if this broke your connection with your IMAP server.

Linux Softlinks vs. Hardlink

Explaining the different between different filesystem links in Linux

Bind function keys to the bash

Use your F keys in the bash to get things done quicker.

Static websites with pandoc

Use pandoc to create a simple static website without any extra tools or frameworks.