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The Nuxt Step for this website

Long story short I finally took the time to update this little corner of the web I put my name to.

When I started a few years back I didn't think that my ramblings would be of interest to anyone. But the Matomo stats paint a different picture.

So here we are with a brand new design. Almost all the existing content is still here. Some has been updated. A few mostly irrelevant articles where deleted.

I tried a few routes to rebuild the site before. Thought about returning to my first CMS love Typo3 or doing it in Django which has been a close companion of mine for almost a decade now.

But having spent so much time with Vue.js lately I didn't want to make sacrifices. Nuxe.js came in handy as it bridges the gap between Vue's client side approach and the much needed Server Side Rendering (SSR) needed for good SEO. But what really impressed me is how well this JavaScript framework manages to generate an output that works with all scripts disables on the client side.

Not all features on this site are available with your favorite script blocker enabled but the core function of this site - to deliver content to you - is more then fulfilled.

I will take this opportunity to write more about Nuxt and what I've learned. As with everything it's not all plain sailing. So I hope that some of my findings and workarounds will help out other Nuxt beginners.

Meanwhile if you're looking for a cool new way to manage your websites in a single repo without the need for PHP, Databases, etc. give Nuxt a try. Maybe it's for you too.

More features soon(tm)

I'm not quite done yet. Over the next few weeks I'll add some features to make this once so static site (still pretty static) a lot more user friendly and hopefully useful.

A comment feature is already in the making along with a newsletter. Some other cool ideas spook around my head but let's see where things are going.

Aside from the new look you may look forward to a wave of fresh tutorials, updates to the existing stuff like the Arch installation guides and so on.

Until then, take care and have a lot of fun :)