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I work and play as a programmer, open source consultant & trainer. Here I share some of the odds & ends I discover along the way.

Install Xorg and KDE on Arch Linux

Installing the KDE/Plasma desktop on Arch Linux on top of Xorg

OBS Multi Track Recording and Editing

Record multiple tracks to a single file using OBS. Then split them up for later editing.

Generate CRYPT-SHA512 hashed Passwords for OpenLDAP with Python

A guide on how to create SHA512 encrypted password for use with OpenLDAP in Python.

Install a Matrix Synapse Server with LDAP support on Arch Linux

Learn how to set up a Matrix synapse server with LDAP authentication on top of Arch Linux.

Download locked PDFs from Google Drive

Annoyed that you cannot download a publically available PDF from the Google cloud? Here's a way how to satisfy your need for archival storage.

Proxmox Arch Linux Container Installation

Guide on how to prepare an Arch Linux container for Proxmox

Install Proxmox on a Hetzner Root Server

Turn your Hetzner Root Server into a proxmox host.

Save mutliple Linux display configurations with autorandr

Create multiple Xorg display configurations and switch between them quickly using autorandr.

Arch Linux Post Install Steps

What do do with Arch Linux once it's installed? Here's a few ideas!

Arch Linux UEFI base install

Install Arch Linux on an UEFI based platform.