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I'm a digital nomad exploring the world at my own pace. Here I share my experiences about being a nomad.

The dark sides of a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

It's easier then ever living the much praised life of a digital nomad. Exploring the world and living the dream. Having lived like this for over a decade I'm aware of not just the good stuff but also the many downsides. Take a moment to consider them before hopping on the first plane to your dream island.

Living in Georgia (country)

Georgia is a popular choice by expats around the world. It's relaxed business environment, stunning nature and tax benefits are just a few of the pros Georgia has to offer. In this article I share some of my experience living in Georgia since 2019.

Georgia (country) rental survival guide & Scam avoidance

A deep dive into my experiences trying to find a rental home in Tbilisi Georgia multiple times. Learn to avoid time wasters, scammers and overpriced homes for your long term stay in Georgia.

Crossing the land border of Georgia (country) in June 2021

Covid is over and the land borders of Georgia are finally open again. As somebody who travelled to Georgia by car before the pandemic, here's my summary of how to deal with the border-run involving the overstay fees for the car and how I got it back.

Buying a car in Georgia (country)

Sharing my experience of buying and registering a car in the country of Georgia.